Otros sectores

Otros Sectores

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Expanding the assurance role

Few companies are able to address the overall quality control in an environment of high risk and zero tolerance for failure, and help global companies navigate the complexities of national and international regulations and supply chain management in every corner of the world. In our focus industries we have an enviable track record of doing exactly that. This recognition puts us in a unique position to extend our role as a global assurance provider even further, supported by deep technological competences, into key segments of the broad life sciences domain. Healthcare and Food & Beverage are two key segments in which we have built a strong vertical expertise, and we intend to expand our role and presence significantly around these pillars.

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In the Healthcare segment we are a leading accreditor of US hospitals and health systems, with a growing presence and acknowledgement in European markets. We follow an innovative, collaborative approach to help healthcare providers identify, assess, and manage risk while ensuring sustainable business practices. Our commitment to and expertise in systems thinking and person centred care see the application of knowledge-based, international standards and accreditation processes to reduce variability and improve the patient experience. Active participation in research projects and partnerships with private and public entities in the healthcare industry form a cornerstone of DNV GL’s activities in this wide reaching field, where technology and innovation are having a revolutionary impact across the value chain.

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Food & Beverage

Similarly, in Food & Beverage we stand out as a trusted partner for the manufacturing industry, where we help create trust and confidence to protect global brands. Broadening our focus to move beyond process related food safety and supply chain management, we will take a stronger foothold in the area of product assurance, while we continue our expansion within the primary industries, including agriculture as well as aquaculture and fisheries.